Amazon Lightsail Container - Run apps on Lightsail Container


Amazon Lightsail is the easiest way to get started with AWS. Lightsail offers compute, storage, and networking services at low, flat rates. Not stopping there, your Lightsail instances can take advantage of the rest of the services that AWS has to offer.

What is Lightsail Container? Amazon Lightsail Containers gives you the ability to run applications on containers with an extremely simple experience. With Lightsail Containers, you can now deploy containerized applications to the cloud using Docker images directly from your desktop or from applications in a public registry like DockerHub - only with a few clicks, through an easy to use interface. Lightsail handles all the complexities of infrastructure management and lets you focus on your application code.



  1. Prepare
  2. Create container service
  3. Deploy Public image
  4. Deploy Your Image
  5. Resource Cleanup