Implement New Deploy

In this step, we will deploy the container image to your Lightsail container service.

  1. Go to your Lightsail container service admin interface
  • Click Deployments.
  • Click Modify your deploy
  1. Select ":lightsail-container.nginx-container.hello.x" container image. Lightsail

  2. Drag the screen to the bottom and click Save and Deploy to deploy. Lightsail

  3. You will need to wait a few minutes for the deployment to complete.

  • Drag the screen up and wait for the status to change to running.
  • Click on Public domain to access the service running in your container. Lightsail
  1. The default nginx web page has been replaced with the text “Welcome to Amazon Lightsail Container workshop”. Congratulations on completing the Lightsail container lab.

  2. After you’re done, clean up your resources to avoid unexpected costs.